Microsoft and EA E3 Quick Recap

So  today is the start of the E3 Press conferences and I totally forgot about it so I missed the live stream of the Microsoft conference but caught the EA one. So here is my take on both of the conferences. From what I did watch of the Microsoft conference for the most part it seemed pretty boring. The Division and Assassins Creed Unity look like team work is key. Witcher 3 will have Griffins.  Fable Legends and Sunset overdrive both seemed like they would be ok games but I will pass on them.  COD Advance Warfare was disappointing.  Star Wars: Battlefront and Phantom Dust were just a tease. An Microsoft is giving more love to the Indies.

Now the EA conference in general did seem more interesting and had fewer stupid jokes.  Dragon Age Inquistion looked a bit like Monster Hunter. Mass Effect is coming back in the Frostbite Engine. Bruce Lee will be in the new UFC. Criterion is doing something to the extreme. PGA Tour will have Levolution. Dawngate will probably be a clone of LoL and Dota 2. Mirrors Edge 2 is Titanfall without the robots. An Battlefield Hardline is Payday with destruction Also the Closed beta sign ups start today. There was also Sims 4 but it looked really dumb.


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