No Girls Allowed – IeSF Hosts Male-Only Hearthstone Tournament

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Reddit has once again brought attention to some interesting controversy. The International e-Sports Federation, a global organization based in South Korea that is dedicated to promote e-sports as an actual sport, have been starting the promotions and announcements for the Assembly Summer 2014 in Finland. What caught the eyes of eager e-sport enthusiasts wasn’t the list of games, but who was excluded from the games.


It’s easy to notice the jarring line in the second paragraph: The participation is open only to Finnish male players. Those hosting the tournament were quick to point out that the event is subject to the rules of IeSF’s tournament regulations.

Well that’s a relief, here I thought there was actually a problem. Wait a minute. There is. Why would an organization that wants to promote e-sports as a legitimate ‘official sport’ exclude a good portion of the population from their events? Markus “Olodyn” Koshivirta…

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