Gamers Are Cry Babies


For as long as I can remember gamers have always been a very passionate group. An for the most part that is a good thing, especially when some good comes out of that passion.  Though a lot of the time humanity, not just gamers, like to focus on the negatives. That is probably due to the fact that we like drama, and not just any drama but other peoples drama. For some people it makes themselves feel better or it’s just the fascination of a car crash. You want to look away but you don’t. But regardless of the reasoning drama happens in gaming and is mostly started by the fans.

As a gamer I have seen how this drama usually unfolds from both the fans and developers point of view.  From the fans perspective there are two extremes; the Hype Train and the Fail Train. The Hype Train for the most part is pretty much always there before the release of a Triple A title. For the most part the Hype Train is a dangerous mistress that can bring record pre-orders (GTA5). Or it can be a great high before a hard crash (Titanfall). For the most part I feel that no game could ever truly live up to its own Hype Train cause once the train starts it does not stop till the reviews come out. An if the reviews are bad then the  Hype Train turns into the Fail Train. Now as long as most of the reviews are 9/10 and 10/10 the Hype Train will keep on rolling till the next big release.

Though for a lot of games they had a nice big Hype Train filled with good vibrations. Then the game released and those good vibes turned into a shit storm (EA’s latest big titles). The Fail Train is mostly composed of over exertions  on how bad a game is or how the devs changed too much and now the game plays like shit. In some cases these accusations are true (BF4) but for the most part are blown way out of proportions by gamers who have knee jerk reactions and are very vocal on forums and use ALL CAPS FOR EVERYTHING! For the most part these people are in the minority but since they are very active on forums it seems like there are more people  enraged then there actually are.

When it comes to these individuals I like to refer to them as cry babies. Some of these cry babies on occasion will have legitimate complaints but tend to not present said complaint in a civil manner. For the most part they just like to complain. Sometimes they complain because a feature from a previous game was taken out or a new game mechanic was added. Other times it’s because the game is going in a new direction or is staying the same. An at other times they just complain in hopes of getting free stuff.

Now from my limited industry experience,  from the development side of things a lot of these complaints are just ignored. Though one of the devs I know would joke about going through the forums so he could start hating himself. Now the studio I work at we are lucky enough to have a very positive fan base so most complaints are constructive criticism. Though every once in a while there will be someone who just needs to vent about all the issues they have had, in the Beta. For the most part devs do not concern themselves too much about the Hype Train but do their best not to be on the Fail Train.


2 thoughts on “Gamers Are Cry Babies

  1. Self confessed cry baby here. I seem to always have some type of grief for every game I play. I tend not to go hype or fail trains .. just the every game is flawed one haha

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