Gamers Are Cry Babies: Destiny Edition

People like to complain. People like to complain about things that are important like money and people who take their money. People also like to complain about things that are not that important like how many pixels “x” game has. But thanks to the internet anybody can go online and complain about anything and gamers like to complain.

One game in particular that a lot of people have been complaining about is Destiny. Now I have not personally played it but my friends who have said its awesome. But I keep seeing people, on the internet, complain about the game. For example, I heard, that some guy on the NeoGAF forums was upset that he played over a 100 hours. Now I do not know if said person actually played that long but why complain about getting your monies worth.


From Reddit user grrmuffins

Lets think about this from a point of time vs money. Triple A title games cost $60, if you just get the game. If you play at least 20 hours that’s $3 an hour of entertainment. Which in most cases is a great deal. Now if one plays a game for 100 hours that’s $0.60 an hour. What else can you do for $0.60 an hour? Nothing that I now of. So the monetary value to entertainment value is not the issue of way people are complaining. As far as I know it does not have any game breaking bugs. The launch was tad shaky but things got worked out quickly. So why all the average ratings and complaints. Probably the best theory on why people are upset about Destiny in particular is it was not what they had expected.

In my previous post Gamer Are Cry Babies I talked about the hype train. This is a similar situation but geared towards the perception of what the game will be. When the game was first being marketed it was not clear what type of game this would be besides being a first person shooter. Now that it is out it is clear that it has a lot of MMORPG elements which includes grinding. Which for some people who do not like to play MMO’s could be an issue in their shooter.

Another issue I can see people having beef with Destiny is that they do not have anything to really compare it to. It’s not as linear as COD but also more expansive than Borderlands. Probably the best way to describe it as “Halo Borderlands the MMO”.  Being the first of its kind it will have some blow back for being different cause there is no standard. If their were more games like Destiny that had already come out then it could be more fairly judged with its close peers. But when one is the first to do something people get confused and tend to react negatively about it.

Complaining about getting one thing but expecting something else is not unique to gaming. It’s just that gamers tend to be more vocal in their whining and will start flame wars on message boards.


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