All The Games Are Broken!

On the one hand, game devs should not be content with the fact that just because they can patch a game after launch that they should. It looks bad from a professional standpoint when one does not give a completely finished product when they release it. I rather one push back the release date than push out an unfinished game. On the other hand, game devs due to their lack of experience with the new consoles, we as consumers should just calm down and be patient. We should all know by now that games do not always work right on day one. So instead of per-ordering a game due to hype or the very resistible pre-order perks just give it a few days. Watch some play through videos on YouTube or Twitch. Look up multiple reviews and be a smart consumer instead of an angry consumer because you didn’t want to wait and see if the game you hoped for all year is actually good or not. So do your self a favor and chill for a bit and make a knowledgeable decision instead of an emotional one.


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