Calm Down

Human beings are an odd and interesting species. Sometimes we do some things that are truly ground breaking that improves the greater good. Other times we channel our furry on things that are not really that important. Gamers are not immune to the ability to work together for positive or negative reasons. One particular thing gamers do is complain about something that is not even out yet. Now this is not solely a gamer issue but gamers tend to be the most vocal about their game. For example, since the new Star Wars Battlefront was announced people have gone ape shit about what is and what is not in the game. The problem with getting mad with this game, or any other product, is that it is not even out yet. How does one have a knee jerk reaction to something that is not even finished? Can we at least have the game come out before we start judging it?


8 thoughts on “Calm Down

  1. Prof.mcstevie says:

    The issue springs from confirmed announced content parameters that don’t even match up to previous instalments on weaker systems. No it is not finished, but they have already stated what most of the end product will feature: not much.

    • It does not really matter if the previous version had more stuff as long as the current version is quality. Just because something has more features does not automatically make it better. For example in CS:GO there are around 15 maps or so but most people just play Dust 2. I rather have Dice make 8 quality maps instead of ~15 ok maps, Battlefield 4. Besides DLC will add more maps and regardless of anyone’s opinion DLC is here to stay since gamers would flip out if the base price of videos games actually kept up with inflation. I feel that some gamers forget that video games is a business and to stay in business one has to make money. But that’s just my two cents.

      • I know why people are upset but they are always upset. I think that many people, gamers in this case, build up their expectations of how something should be and when it does not reach their expectations they get mad. The new Battlefront has the misfortune of following up a game that many people loved. This is were we have the conflict of what the fans want and what DICE/EA wants. In the end DICE/EA will win because they are the ones who are making the game. Maybe they are not trying to make an exact replica of Battlefront 2. Maybe they want to have their own take on the series. Though ultimately the people who are the most verbal against this Battlefront will pre-order it and will play hours of it, regardless if they hate it or love it.

      • Prof.mcstevie says:

        I think the list alone shows how very wrong the direction EA are taking it, they are stripping it of so much content, lowering the potential of play with stuff like AI players and have already equal amounts of DLC already announced.

        This isn’t about bitchy people whining again, this is a very loud backlash to a very scummy company turning a sequel to a much beloved game into another nickel and diming, trimmed down trash heap. 10 years of advancements since 2 and they are chucking so much into the bin for no good reason. This isn’t supposed to be a replica, but no smart developer chucks away good elements of previous games and neither does any kind developer.

      • Regardless if you or anyone else thinks what they are doing is wrong they think it is right. The truth is the only people who really know what they are doing is DICE/EA. I know EA has a crappy reputation but maybe DICE and EA had good reasons for dropping some of the previous features. Maybe DICE wanted to have a AI system but due to issues with experience, knowledge, time and or money they couldn’t. Or they just felt it was not worth implementing. But since EA bought the IP they can do whatever they want with it because they own it. Though before you board the EA hate train consider the fact if EA did not pick it up Battlefront 3 may never exist. Or just don’t buy it, its not like people have to play it. There are 1000’s of other games that one can play. So complaining about EA is kind point less when there are so so many alternatives. to turn too.

      • Prof.mcstevie says:

        Woah, defeatist mentality over here. Of course there are other games to play, however I care about this one and the love and effort put in the work before its IP was sold. A Battlefront 3 should likely not exist if it isn’t going to be good, sometimes you just gotta let something be instead of destroying its name.

        I’m not going to buy it, I might have enjoyed a new entry into a fantastic series however if they’d bothered to preserve what made the series great while adding their own little extras and details.

      • The thing about ownership is that someone can make changes to what they own, that’s what EA and DICE are doing. Just because people dislike the proposed changes does not mean it will be bad. For all we know Battlefront 3 could come out and be a hit despite all the changes. It could be regarded as being better than Battlefront 2. Is it not worth waiting for the game to actually be released before saying EA is the Devil and ruined another title? Despite there reputation EA does publish solid games, Dragon Age 3. Just because the popular perception is that it will be a shitty games does not mean it will be. That’s why we should wait before making a judgment.

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