Don’t Bother To Even Try – Off Topic

During my day job I enjoy listening to a variety of podcasts. Some of the podcasts I listen to talk about the game industry or the tech industry. One podcast in particular that has caught my attention is the StartUp Podcast which talks about the trials that startups go through. SPOLIERS The story titled Gaming the System is the origins of Twitch which becomes obvious about half way through the podcast. The roots of Twitch I found interesting but I took issue with a comment that one of the founders said. He said, and I am paraphrasing, that “that anyone can be successful building a company on the internet.”

Now, without any context, if someone came up to me and said this I would probably laugh at them. Though he does go and explain that he was not particular special in any technical or business regard. He also acknowledges that he was at the right place and the right time. Though my beef is when successful people say that you can do anything. Besides my personal gripes, I am very much split on this issue. On one side of the argument I sincerely believe that if one puts in the time and effort they can achieve their goals. The flip side is that no matter how hard you try you may never reach your goals.  In most cases people are either on one side or the other but rarely aim for a compromise.

As a game developer who hasn’t released a game yet, I find myself in a position of working to achieve my dreams while not having failed outright. Personally I feel that if I continue to work on my skills I will eventually reach my goal of working for a AAA studio or take on the hardships of running my own studio. Even though I am shooting for the moon I do realize that I may not make it. But if I make it to space, I still have gone farther than if I had just stayed at home doing nothing. This is why I would prefer if people said that anyone can succeed but also know it may not work out, but that is not as inspirational.

In a great deal of situations though I feel that people don’t even bother to at least try to achieve their goals and just do what is safe. If you are contempt with taking the safe path, then go for it. Far be it for me to judge how you want to live your life. But if you start having regrets that you didn’t even try then it sucks to be you.  That is why I am least trying to reach my goals. If I fail, then I fail. It may suck at first, but I have to move on because the world won’t stop for me.  Even if I don’t end up where I hope to be I’ll still be in a better position than when I started. And I consider that a success.

Have a wonderful Friday and don’t fear failure!


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