Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI’s are a staple of Sci-fi story telling. In many instances of Sci-fi an AI is used as a villain that became self-aware and wants to destroy all of humanity.  This is a very common trope in movies because AI’s are still an un-tested technology in its infancy. Since we do not know what it is truly capable of we, as humans, always fear what we don’t understand. So it’s natural to think that if we create something with the potential to be smarter than all of humanity throughout history, that it might go against us. That appears to be the thinking of many leading scientists like Steven Hawking.

But personally I think that the harbinger of our downfall will be of our own doing and not of our techno babies. Though when it comes to the future of AI’s I feel that they will be just as varied as us. One of my favorite AI characters is Cortana from the Halo Series. (Full discloser, I really love the story of the Halo universe and have read most of the books) Unlike the Cortana for Windows 10 that makes for a simple personal assistant, the Halo Cortana is more like a super assistant. But even saying that is a disservice to her since she is an equal partner to the Master Chief. Throughout the series the bond between human and AI deepens because of all that they have been through. Also it doesn’t hurt that, thanks to the Chiefs’ armor, Cortana is basically inside his brain. This creates a strong bond between man and machine. I feel that if we can make Cortana like AI’s that not only work for us, but with us, we can accomplish so much.

Now there are a few things that we would need to resolve before this positive outcome can occur. The first would be rampancy. This is where Cortana goes crazy and tries to save the universe by destroying it. Which I am pretty sure could have easily been fixed if we just turned her off and on again. No computer is going to work properly being on for 5+ years. Then there is the human factor of do we see AI’s as just machines or as humans like. As of now we see AI’s as intelligent machines that are really good at certain tasks, but we all see them as machines. Now if we consider how fast technology is advancing we will eventually won’t be able to decipher if we are talking to a human or a machine. At that point their will probably be three camps of thinking. One that sees AI’s strictly as machines/tools to advance humanity. Another group that see AI’s as a new/second form of humanity. The third group sees them as an abomination in the eyes of God, like the Brotherhood of Steel from Fallout 4.

As of now these are not issues we can solve right now but we can discuss them since artificial intelligence is going to be a reality. Though as gamers we can be involved in the conversation by helping push for the positive use of AI’s like Cortana and avoid AI’s like Skynet and GLaDOS. Especially GLaDOS, she would try to experiment on the whole population and that would end in a very painful death, emotionally and physically.


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