BYOB on Greenlight – Go Vote

Bring Your Own Base is a base building first person shooter made by Anvilhead Studios. Since I am friends with many of the members of Anvilhead, I am asking my readers to go vote for them on Steam Greenlight.

Bring Your Own Base (BYOB) is a free-to-play, multiplayer, FPS. Players can build a base before bringing it into an arena to battle along with 3 other players. Take turns attacking and defending while trying to loot each other’s resources and return them back to your own base.

When not battling, take time to customize your base, character, platform and much much more. Scan our library of top rated bases, download them and improve upon their design.

If you enjoyed the trailer above, please consider voting for BYOB on Steam Greenlight. Also follow them on Twitter and check out the Anvilhead Studio website for future updates.

Anvilhead Twitter

Anvilhead YouTube








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