Skyrim Special Edition – Just Mod It

Skyrim Special Edition has come out this past Thursday and according to steam reviews people have mixed feelings. From what I have seen their are two camps when it comes to impressions. One camp, the one I am in, is happy with the visual changes for the special edition. Then their is the other camp that is just so butt hurt. Some of the complaints are that it is very laggy, still buggy and not worth the money if you had to pay for it. Then their are the unhappy reviews from those who had to pay for it and are made that it lacks any new content. A good portion of these negative reviews feel that Bethesda basically ripped them off. To those people I say that they should have payed more attention.

According to a blog post on Bethesda’s site they listed out what was going to be in the special edition:

  • Mod support on consoles
  • Remastered art and effects
  • Volumetric lighting (“God Rays”)
  • Dynamic Depth of Field
  • Screen-space reflections
  • New snow and water shaders


Now tell me where it says that they  would add new content? All they really promised was a fresh coat of paint for their aging game and mods for consoles. So for those who are complaining about the lack of new content just need to stop. Now in regards to the fact that the game has performance issues should not be a surprise to anyone because that is what modders are for in Bethesda’s eyes. So any one who was really hoping for a solid game out of the box were a bit delusional. But that is not to say a remastered game should not work fine from the word go. But we are talking about Bethesda and as long as we keep buying they will keep releasing buggy games.

Personally, I feel the game looks greatly improved and has worked for me so far. The real test is when I mod the fuck out of my game. Though for those who are new to Skyrim modding you should go to Skyrim Gems and Skyrim Nexus for your modding needs. Also get the unofficial patches. They work wonders.



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