Weird Games From Japan

Some weird games from Japan curtsy of Jon Tron, enjoy.


Why did SWTOR Fail?

Recently I got back into Star Wars The Knights of the Old Republic or KOTOR  for those in the know. After playing for a bit I quickly realized why I have to use cheats/mods to enjoy the game. The game is full of bugs and is very unbalanced most of the time. For example on any given planet there will be a couple of enemy NPC’s that you seem to only get a hit every third attack. Which can be very annoying when every time you miss they hit and time the battle is over you have a small sliver of life left. Another small issue is that during some conversations friendly  NPC’s will run around like they don’t know were to stand when you’re talking. Though besides those issues I still love the story and over all game play.

On the other hand SWTOR or KOTOR the MMO I have more mixed feelings about. First I would like to say that I was sucked in by the 2 year hype for the MMO that had to be perfect on launch to survive against WOW. An unlike other MMO’s I actually got a character to level 42 and had an alt character at level 23. Which for me was a big deal since any other MMO I played the farthest I got was level 30. I think the reason I even got so far in SWTOR was because of the story. The story was the only thing that really kept my interest in the game. But on the flip side the reasons I stopped was because of the grind and my character selection.

I am not the biggest MMO  fan but on occasion I get sucked in for the first three months  then I stop playing completely. The first reason I stop is because of the grind. Even though you grind your way through most games, MMO’s seem to always be the same. Go here, kill this, collect those, return and repeat.  At first I am ok  with it but once the novelty wears off it bores me.  The second reason I seem to fail at MMO’s is that I always seem to pick character types that use light to medium armor.  An when I build up a character I always seem to build one that always seems under powered. Which makes me made when I can’t kill NPC’s that I should be able to solo. Which brings me to the title of this post, why did SWTOR fail?

Personally I feel that one of the many reasons it failed was because of the grind.  At times the game did seemed more of a grind especially on Tatooine when you don’t have a speeder. Though I appreciate that they wanted to show the Star Wars universe, the distance one has to travel to reach ones objectives can be tiresome.  Another reason I feel it failed was because it tried to break the Holy Trinity of MMO’s. Which in a reality it did not but could have if they had given more direction on how to build one character. I am not saying they needed to show a completed skill tree to level 50 but at least to level 15  and say move up this tree. The third reason why SWTOR failed was because only some of the playable characters stories were of any real interest. I played as the Sith Inquisitor and Imperial Agent and the agents story was by far more interesting than the Inquisitor. But the fourth and biggest reason why it failed was because it did not live up to the hype. The game was hyped for years before it was released and I feel it never lived up to it.

For the most part SWTOR is KOTOR the MMO which for the most part is a good thing. But there are some technical issues that keep it from being the game that it could have been. Though I am glad that it went to free to play because, at least at launch, it was not totally worth paying for each month.

Saints Row 4 Midnight Release

As of right now it is 5:04 Central  time on August 19. An at midnight I will be receiving my copy of Saint Row 4 . Probably one of the most played games before it is officially released, just look around YouTube for game play footage. One of the few reason I am sad that I am not high profile game news site, oh well. With that being said GamesCon starts on the 21st in Germany so that leaves me in a dilemma. Do I report on GamesCon or do I play Saint Row 4? Thankfully the answer is clear for me since I do not have a passport or the money to fly to the nearest airport to me. So in the event I take a break from playing I will tell you all how fun it is and possibly find interesting  news from GamesCon.

E3 So Far

So after finally watching all of the press conferences I would have to say that I am excited about some titles and jest going meh for others.  But for the most part I was not disappointed by this years E3.

The first press conference was Microsoft showing off there Xbox One and for me and many other people, Xbox was the underdog. Though after watching it on a live stream I say they are still the underdog. Now I was not really surprised when they teased another Halo game or even when they showed Dead Rising 3. Though Project Spark did kind of peak my interest cause it kind looks like the game Spore which never lived up to the hype.  And then there is Quantum Break  which looks like  some one has been messing with the space-time continuum but looks good from the teaser. But the best news from the Microsoft was the announcement for Titanfall which just looks awesome and will be on the Xbox and PC.( Also they showed footage of the Metal Gear game for those who care) Now with that being said what is the price? Well it will cost you $500 dollars which is kinda steep considering all the downsides to the system but people will buy it anyways.

Next up we have EA which I feel did slightly better than Microsoft, oh so slightly. Of course they showed all there pretty new advancements for the Sports line but I could care less about that.  And of course they showed off their baby Battlefield 4 with a 64 player live stream  and Dragon Age: Inquisition  which actually looked pretty cool. Hopefully it won’t suck like the second one. But the real excitement is when they teased Battlefront and showed a trailer for Mirrors Edge.  So it looks like EA is not putting out any new IP’s but going with titles that will make money, surprise surprise.

After EA was Ubisoft  who I felt did an awesome job especially since they had Aisha Tyler, some one who can actually talk on stage, introduce all the games. So of course they showed off Watch Dogs, which I am super pumped for, AC4 and the new Splinter Cell which are basically their flag-ship titles. But they did take me by surprise by there racing game The Crew and The Division. Both games look pretty cool but as of right now but The Division looks like a must buy, being another Tom Clancy game. Hopefully it will fill that gap in my life where Rainbow Six is.

Then came the Sony press conference which could possible be the best in show. First of they basically shanked Microsoft in a few ways. They have no restrictions on buying used games or sharing them with your friends.   Secondly there is no constant DRM. There are some other nice features but most people only care about the first two I just stated. Also they actually showed the console and it looks like they just slapped 2 PS2’s together to get a PS4. One downside was that it will cost less than $5 a month of a PlayStation Plus subscription, which is not a big deal. But the one thing that really got people’s attention was the $400 price tag. Which if you were paying attention under cuts the Xbox One by $100.  Now most of the games showed had been shown in the Ubisoft and EA press conference but they did tease a Mad Max game and showed a trailer for Elder Scrolls Online. But the big news was the actual live demo of Destiny which looked really awesome.

Now with all this great news one might think how will little old Nintendo fair. Well after watching their little video taped press conference I was not impressed or surprised.  They showed a Pokemon game, Mario game and a Zelda game which was no real surprise. The only two real note worthy things was Bayonetta 2  and that they added Mega man to Smash Bros. Besides that Nintendo is staying the course, which I feel may not be a good idea in the next 5 years.

As of right now I feel that Sony had the best showing and Microsoft blew a great opportunity to improve their image. EA and Nintendo stayed the course but Ubisoft took me buy surprise. An since this the first E3 that I actually really payed attention to when pretty well.

Here is a list of some note worthy games I forgot to mention earlier: