Tim Sweeney Paranoid About Microsoft

So apparently Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic the makers of the Unreal Engine, is pretty much accusing Microsoft  of being ransomware. What happen is that some information was leaked about Windows Cloud which appears to be a light version of the OS for low end machines. Essentially it would be like Google Chrome OS and only have access to apps on the Windows store. This is were Mr. Sweeney puts on his tin foil hat.

He equates that since Windows Cloud only has access to apps on its own store Microsoft is ransoming other programs by forcing you to buy a licenses for Windows Home or Pro. The problem with this reasoning is that according to Life Hackcer “the overarching idea is that it’ll be a speedy, low-overhead version of Windows 10 that can stream content to any device, a bit like a modern spin on Windows RT. ” If that is the case one would not want things like Unreal Engine or Photoshop running on this version of Windows. This OS would primarily try and grab user who primarily use a phone or a tablet. Any one wanting to play on Steam or use the Adobe Suite are not going to even bother with this.

But for whatever reason Tim Sweeney really doesn’t care for Microsoft since this is not the first time he has been mad at them. He also got mad when Microsoft announced their Universal Windows Platform which just means all there products would work together thus making their own work environment. Mr. Sweeney was pissed then too.