Goal Game – WIP

Here is a simple game that I have been working on. Please download it and let me know what you think about it.

Download Link



SSX 3-The Best Snowboarding Game

From 2000 to about 2008 Electronic Arts had a department called EA Sports Big. This section of EA made sports games that were over the top and bizarre. Primarily the games they made were just fun to play. Arguably the best of these crazy sports games was SSX3, a snowboarding  game with unrealistic tricks and a wonderful sound track. I played the shit out of this game and would gladly pay $60 for an HD remake. This game easily makes my Top 5 games of all time. But instead of making a super lengthy post on why this game is so great I will let TheRussianBadger do it for me.

Genetic Gaming VS Potent Empire

Genetic Gaming Esports is now on a two game losing streak which puts them at 4-3. They had a rough time against Xstasy losing 16-7. But today, they have a chance to redeem themselves when they face Potent Empire.This is a 5-2 team that will give Genetic Gaming a challenge. Especially now since thier AWP, Sirron, left the team Thursday on good terms. Despite being a man down, Genetic Gaming still has a chance to win. So watch these two teams face off at 7:30pm London Time, 1:30pm Central Time.

For more stats about the match cheak out the ESEA League site. To watch the match, follow Genetic Gaming on Steam and/or Twitter to get the IP Address to watch the match on GOTV.  

Genetic Gaming VS Xstasy

After a week of competition Genetic Gaming Esports unfortunately fell from 15th to  30th after several other teams won. But this Thursday, they have a chance to move back up the ranks when they face Xstasy. This is another 4-2 team, that at face value, seem to be evenly matched. Though on October 6th  at 7pm London Time, 1pm Central Time, Genetic Gaming will face off against Xstasy and will hopefully pull out a win!

To watch the match, follow Genetic Gaming on Steam and/or Twitter to get the IP Address to watch the match on GOTV. Also checkout the ESEA League for more rankings.

Are Video Games a Sport?

By definition video games or eSports are not a sport but a competition. Regardless eSports are slowly becoming more recognized as a sporting event in the mainstream. Though a big boost to the legitimacy of eSports is that the US Government is allowing Pro League of Legends players  to get visas as professional athletes. According to a USgamer article players can get a P-1A visa  which is the same kind of visa that other pro NFL and NBA players can get. With that being said the future of pro gaming looks pretty  awesome.

In other news EVO  2013 finals where yesterday and all the fights reminded me of how much I suck at fighters. But on the flip side I am still in awe when someone has an impossible  comeback. Here is probably one of best comebacks of all time with Daigo.

Also, Never Give Up!