Goal the Game

Here is a little game that I made in UE4. Please give a try .

Download Link


UDK Test

UDK stands for Unreal Development Kit  which runs on the Unreal Engine 3. An starting Monday I will start a two week project as a test to see what I can do in such a short time.  Now I did think I could make my entire summer project in UDK but got to thinking that there would be licensing issues when I  try to release. So instead of  making a demo I am going to make a set piece and turn it to a cinematic and post it her. If all goes well it well help diversify my skills with different development kits.  Though Once this project is over I will get started on my summer project in Unity code name Tango Blue. For now Tango Blue will be a like a Mario with guns. In the meantime I am learning how to use UDK effectively. Stay tuned for future updates.